Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Time to Introspect

GObject Introspection looks to be the future of GNOME language bindings, and the good news is, you need not wait until 3.0 to use it. I have just finished adding all the components currently available to Ports SVN, together with Seed, a WebKit-based JavaScript interpreter which automatically includes "bindings" to any of 30+ libraries which ship with Introspection data.

Here is a screenshot of several Seed examples using the GTK+, Clutter, VTE, and WebKit libraries through GObject Introspection. The LightsOff game shown there will be part of GNOME Games 2.28, but I've made a preview of the latest beta release available. All this will be part of the next upload, which I hope will be this week or next.

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