Thursday, October 2, 2008

New website

While has been an accommodating host of an ever-growing Ports repository, recent issues with downtime, responsiveness, and storage limits (albeit generous) have held up progress over the last few months. While I am grateful for all their help, the time has come to find another home.

Thanks to the graciousness of a admin, Cygwin Ports has found a new home for the website and package repository. This will allow for easier updating and continued expansion of Ports' offerings. The package repository has been removed, and all website links now point to our new home.

I invite all Ports users to visit the new website, and follow the directions there to update their packages. As always, questions/comments/issues/testimonials/thanks/etc. go to the cygwin-ports-general list.

1 comment:

Chris (C.J.) said...

Good news. This project is great. Although where do I leave a bug report about the Graphviz build not having png support?